handpicked by us,
handmade for you

Saint Eve is a lifestyle concept with a bohemian touch.
We seek & collect beautiful, handmade items from all over the globe.
Taking them home and sharing them with you, is our biggest motivation for exploring the world.

We love simple things with a strong character. From ancient Chinese stools to textiles from the Atlas Mountains, from Danish craftsmanship to Japanese ceramics. You'll find furniture, decoration, jewelry, pottery, ... anything is possible as long as we are in love with it. Because love is the wire that connects all the pieces; that moment when we see something beautiful and think: "that's a Saint Eve".


A lot of our products are one of a kind items which we bring home from our travels. They are unique pieces from all over the world. We only offer high quality and handmade products. .

We team up with some small brands -both international and local- who share our vision. Small-scale production, honest prices and a boho atmosphere.

Do you have a specific project?
Are you renovating your house or opening a coffee bar? Let’s get together to see what we can do for you.

Not convinced by small picture on your laptop? You’re damn right! Make an appointment to visit our apartment so you can take your time and check (or try) out the pieces for yourself.

a touch of boho

We want to create a unique interior without focussing on a particular style or trend. Wether you’re a minimalist, an eclectic or a country lover, everybody is more then welcome. We believe Saint Eve can add that little (or not so little) extra to your house to make it your unique home. We’ll spice things up with a sophisticated, bohemian vibe. It’s all about matching the right colours and textures, rather then focussing on styles or brands.
Interior is a very personal matter, some like to do it step by step, others prefer an instant makeover. At Saint Eve we try to satifsy both. You’ll find pieces that will perfectly fit your interior and help you build your dreamhouse one by one. On the other hand, we help consumers and business with their renovations. Planning a livingroom makeover? In need of ideas for your new cocktail bar? Just reach out to us.